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Appeal - Save lovers from MMS Scandal

Recently lot of MMS scandals have come to light and news channels are making situation worse for the victims. Many girls have committed suicide due to noncooperation from appropriate governing bodies. Why do Authorities not take action against those who destroy life's of couples who are not matured enough to refrain themselves from capturing their private moments on camera. Infact, Most of the Sex MMS were not made for distribution, or intentionally causing harm to the girl/boy, but unfortunately it gets leaked and some criminal minded people upload it on internet. This destroyed the life of the couple and their families. Many a time's girls commit suicide due to the humiliation.

Its an appeal to you to Raise voice and help in initiating immediate action on following points:-

  • Take action against websites like desip*rnmovies, deb*nai*blog etc.. lot many cases like DPS MMS Scandal, JNU MMS Scandal, Miss. Jammu Scandal etc are still available for download. Why are these not barred from still being circulated???
  • Barring Media from making big issue of such cases. On the other hand Media should warn people that distributors / uploaders will surely get caught if they indulge in such activities.
  • Conduct raid on cybercaf√© and other spots where people can upload/download such videos (MMS)
  • Its very important to Spread awareness that even indirectly involved person will be arrested for distributing/possessing such videos.
  • To set an example, police should arrest OR call for interrogation, people from various location with reference to MMS scandal spreading.
  • Protect the victims of MMS scandal


IT'S HIGH TIME, now we should nail the coffin before more life's are destroyed.  Innocent Girls are Dying each day due to non-cooperation of police and other governing bodies.


Radhika Sharma

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